About 8D Hub

Welcome to 8D Hub!

Use your smile to change the world
but don’t let the world change your smile 🙂

8D Hub is a coworking space in Johor Bahru, Malaysia by Kayubumi Enterprise. A cosy space designed to facilitate discussions, collaborations & community building in Setia Tropika. 8D Hub strives to be more than just a space but a community that is dedicated to all the entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, independent and nomadic workers who are hustling everyday to make the dream come true. As a member, you will not just be a customer of 8D Hub; you’ll be an active part of 8D Hub’s mission to build bridges and grow a community.

Jason, founder of 8D Hub, is a friendly and sincere person who has a strong belief in helping people and giving back to community. Through his vision, 8D Hub constantly strives to gather awesome people who share the belief of creating a better ecosystem for businesses and entrepreneurship. We open up our space and community to individuals and businesses to bond into a strong network. We invite all to share the joy, positivity and love of this place where you can call ‘Home’.

At 8D hub, we emphasize our Core Values in
We live
We work
We play
We share
We learn
We connect
We empower
We inspireBe a 8D Hubber and grow with us together!